Books stacked during publishing internship in Ireland

Publishing Internships in Ireland

Internships in Publishing in Ireland may be located in one of several reputable publishing houses throughout the country, offering valuable insight into the industry.

Ireland is home to hundreds of digital and print publishing companies, spanning books, magazines, and newspapers, in both English and Gaelic. The Irish book market alone was worth €161.5 million in 2021, while magazines contribute up to €200 million annually to the economy. 

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at publishing internships in Ireland may include:

  • Proofreading and editing submitted materials, e.g. book manuscripts, or magazine and newspaper articles

  • Assisting with selecting book or magazine cover designs and illustrations

  • Liaising with book and magazine reviewers

  • Managing relationships with authors and journalists

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Meeting during an internship in publishing in Ireland

Typical roles for Ireland Publishing Internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our publishing interns in Dublin have taken on before:

  • Journalist

    A journalist provides written material for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. They may work in a freelance capacity or be employed on a contract or permanent basis for a certain publication. Interns in journalism must be able to put together compelling stories for readers, supported by accurate research and fact-checking.

  • Copy Editor

    Copy editing is the first part of the editing process, and requires one to be extremely meticulous and highly detail-oriented, as they are responsible for assessing a text for inconsistencies and/or mistakes. Interns must be able to read a manuscript to understand its overall picture, and analyze its minute details.

  • Literary Agent

    A literary agent is the representative of an author and liaises between the author and publisher. The agent is responsible for pitching a writer’s work to an editor and negotiating book deals and contracts on behalf of the writer. Interns in this area will gain experience in managing sales, contracts, and publication of their client’s works.

  • Publicist

    A publicist’s role is to promote an author’s work to as many potential readers as possible. Those interning under a publicist may gain experience in planning and organizing book tours, as well as other strategies to promote an author and his or her work. Publicists work closely with other departments in the publishing house, including editorial, sales, and design. 

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Working on a laptop during an internship for publishing students in Ireland

The publishing industry

Internships in publishing in Ireland can provide a much-needed first step toward a career in this prestigious industry. If you possess keen attention to detail, can work well in a team and communicate effectively, and have excellent literacy, then a successful career in the publishing sector could be yours. Advantageous skills include competency with various publishing software and some business knowledge. 

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Learn more about our publishing internships in Ireland

Ireland is home to many reputable writers who have been recognized worldwide for their famous literary works, including Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, and Pulitzer Prize winner, Anne Enright. This makes Dublin the ideal place to complete an internships in publishing. All of our interns are placed with top-tier organizations, to ensure that they receive as much practical experience as possible in the publishing industry. Learn more about our internship program in Ireland here.


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