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An international NGO internship will prove your dedication and strength of character and will not go unnoticed by future employers. Non profit internship experience is particularly relevant as this is a competitive field – as such, the experience can be demanding. Our NGO internship program will allow you to help others and achieve a great sense of personal satisfaction.

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We offer non profit internships both online & in a wide range of program destinations including London, Dublin, New York, Madrid, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Melbourne & Colombia. We work with leading NGOs and smaller grassroots organizations across the world. The NGO internships we provide span all sectors including human rights, women’s rights, social work and animal welfare.

We have previously placed interns in organizations with causes related to community development, healthcare & sustainability, social services, environmental activism and political & economic development. Non-profit internships can suit a vast range of disciplines and degrees including psychology, sociology and international relations.



Remote NGO & Non-Profit Internships

Have you considered completing a remote NGO internship or non-profit internship from the comfort of your own home? Our global online internship program includes a flexible ngo & non-profit internship to fit your schedule, best-in-class career advancement training and twelve-month access to exclusive, real-time keynote career talks from global business leaders.

The founders of The Intern Group have all demonstrated a deep commitment to volunteering in their own lives. The intern Group also donates to the NGOs with whom we partner.

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Managing all social media outlets and creating promotional materials to expand the organization's outreach efforts

In your role, you could be responsible for maintaining and updating the organization's social media platforms. You may also find yourself designing promotional materials, including graphics and videos, to increase the reach and impact of the nonprofit. This work will involve crafting engaging content and tracking the effectiveness of your online campaigns to optimize outreach strategies.

Assisting with fundraising campaigns and events

Your tasks may involve actively participating in fundraising initiatives, which could range from helping to plan and execute fundraising events to engaging with donors and supporters. You might also assist in coordinating various aspects of these campaigns, such as creating marketing materials, managing event logistics, and tracking donation progress to ensure the success of the fundraising efforts.

Researching, writing, and applying for grants

You could play a crucial role in researching potential grant opportunities and writing compelling grant proposals. Your responsibilities may extend to the entire grant application process, from identifying suitable grants to crafting persuasive narratives that clearly convey the organization's mission and needs. Your efforts in securing grant funding will directly contribute to the sustainability and growth of the nonprofit's programs and initiatives.


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Join our 15,000+ global alumni

I had a really good experience with my internship and I was lucky enough to turn it into a full time role quite quickly. Straight away they got me to write stories, go to events, and get stuck in from day one which I was quite surprised and really stoked about.

Miriam Harris

Auckland University of Technology

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