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Our London internship program provides cultural immersion for applicants from all over the globe. As the largest city in Europe with the biggest economy, an internship in London stands out on a resume. We partner with leading companies and organizations to offer internships in the U.K. in a range of career fields.

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International internships in london


Our internships in London offer applicants a unique opportunity to gain vital professional experience and industry exposure in one of the world’s most important cities. London is home to the headquarters of many of the world’s most well-known companies, making it the perfect city for an international internship.

With its mesmerizing mix of culture, architecture, global cuisine, fashion, nightlife and business, it would be an understatement to say that London has it all. From historical sites such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and St Paul’s Cathedral to the best nightlife scene in Europe. This is a city where potential is realised and individuals flourish. It is also a city of ambition, on the forefront of the globe in a variety of fields. For centuries, London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. An internship in London will make your resume shine.

Whether you’re a college student looking for summer internships in London, or a recent grad eager to gain career-making connections in the big smoke, our UK internships will set you apart in competitive job markets around the world.


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Community & Events

Internships in London provide an entire cultural experience. Alongside a leading internship, all participants benefit from weekly social events showing off the very best of what the city has to offer. 

This includes three program events to help enrich your experience and form lifelong friends within your arrival cohort:

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Private Bedroom in a Shared Student Accommodation

Every intern in London has their own private bedroom, giving you a personal and familiar place to return to at the end of the day. You will be sharing the living spaces with other interns and international students, making for excellent opportunities to network and make friends! As part of our accommodation package each intern will have access to WIFI & utilities, bed linens, laundry facilities & a fully equipped kitchen.

24/7 front desk security is available for you at each of our housing and we take great care to ensure that all our housing options are locally served with all the amenities you need to adjust to a new city!

 All of our accommodations are excellently located in Zones 1-3. All of the residences are located near one another and served with many transport links to Central London making them the ideal base for exploring London during your stay!

Summer Halls of Residence

Looking for a summer internship in London? Our Summer Program starting Mid-June to Mid-July offers an immersive experience in a University Hall of Residence! Located in the heart of London surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Central London, there is always something new to discover about the metropolis within walking distance.

24/7 front desk security is available for you at each of our summer housing and we take great care to ensure that all our housing options are locally served with all the amenities you need to adjust to a new city!

Every summer intern has their own private bedroom, sharing the living spaces with other interns and international students, making excellent opportunities to network and make friends!

Accommodation Upgrades

Have a different living experience in mind? The Intern Group aims to accommodate every intern experience, and accommodation upgrades are available upon request at an additional cost. If you wish to stay in one of our accommodation upgrades please let us know and we will provide you with further details.


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Visa Information


General Eligibility

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must hold a passport with at least 12 months validity.
  • You and your direct family members cannot be eligible for British citizenship.
  • You must be a full time undergraduate or a recent graduate (within 24 months) when your internship begins.
  • Online degree is not eligible.
  • You must maintain sufficient financial standing (GBP 1270+, or equivalent) for at least 28 days consecutively at the time of application.
  • An IELTS (minimum 6.0) or iTEP (minimum B2) maybe required if English is not your first language.
  • British/Irish nationals, EUSS personnel, and Student/Graduate Routes are exempted from a visa.

Visa Rules

  • The procedure is to first secure sponsorship (from an authorized UK visa sponsor), then a visa (from UKVI). The entire process takes at least 6 weeks, excluding possible wait time in between.
  • Sponsorship application is entirely online; while the UKVI application is in-person for non-EU nationals.
  • You must apply in the country of your citizenship or long-term residency (permitted to stay for at least 6 months). You are advised against leaving your country of residence about 1 month before your program starts.
  • Visa cost is estimated at GBP 1030. The Intern Group’s program fee does not cover the government cost and other associated expenses regarding this visa application.
  • The visa is valid for your exact program dates and lasts the same as your program duration.

Visa Type

  • Tier 5 – Government Authorized Exchange (GAE) Worker

Immigration regulations are constantly changing so please be advised that the above information may differ anytime.

Career Advancement Training

Interns benefit from career advancement tools before, during, and following their internship program. These tools enable you to successfully prepare for your internship before you start, make the most of your experience while you’re there, and successfully sell your experience in interviews to future employers.

You will be asked to take a pre-program DDI International workplace personality and skills assessment and will be given access to a library of training materials designed to help you succeed. These materials include tips and advice on interview techniques, adapting to international working environments, making a lasting impression in the workplace, and building your personal brand.

During your internship, training is delivered through a combination of videos, podcasts, articles, quizzes, and projects and you will receive a LinkedIn badge upon completion. Subjects include critical thinking, oral/written communication, teamwork, digital technology, leadership, professionalism, career management, and global/intellectual fluency.

You will also be granted access to our CV improvement tool, helping you to effectively communicate your achievements and skills to future employers program.


Alumni Success Coaching

We partner with experienced career coaches to provide participants with a personalized, one hour career coaching session upon completing the program. Participants choose from our portfolio of experts who they would like to guide them through their next steps after their international internship. These are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Selling your international internship experience
  • Building a stand-out CV/resume
  • LinkedIn branding
  • Salary negotiations
  • Landing your dream job
  • Strategies for interviewing


Exclusive Workshop Series

Participants will have the opportunity to elevate their professional skills by receiving access to tailor-made Workshop Series that are exclusive to program participants, including interview practice sessions with worldwide peers, CV review workshops, Linkedin workshops, and more!

Participants will also receive invitations to Keynote Speaker events featuring industry experts through panel discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions where participants can also ask live Q&A sessions, giving them the opportunity to enhance their skills and network with the best in the business!

24/7 Support

Our full-time London team offers 24/7 support with local expertise, from start to finish. They are incredibly proud of the city’s life & culture and they want to show you why! They will organize your airport pick-up when you arrive in London. The team will also provide a thorough welcome orientation to help you settle into the city and feel at ease. Our London team is available throughout your internship program should you have any questions or queries.

We also partner with Talkspace to provide all our participants with fully anonymous access to a licensed online therapist for up to 3 months. This ensures you’ll always have someone to talk to when adjusting to life in your new city.

Fees & Start Dates

The cost of the program is fixed in Great British Pounds (GBP).

Please note that the below fees do not include visa costs, flights, insurance or daily food & drink. See our pricing page for more information and to find out about available discounts.

6 Weeks
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 6200
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 3490
8 Weeks
Private Room
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 6800
Shared room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 6200
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 7200
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 3490
10 Weeks
Shared room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 7200
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 8500
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 3490
12 Weeks
Private Room
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 9100
Shared room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 8300
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 9900
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 4000
16 Weeks
Private Room
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 11400
Shared room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 11000
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 13100
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 4000
20 Weeks
Private Room
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 13700
Shared room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 12500
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 15100
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 4000
24 Weeks
Private Room
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 16100
Shared room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 13700
Private Room
(June & July)

$£¥฿HK$AU$ 16800
Without Accommodation
$£¥฿HK$AU$ 4000

Start dates

Programs are available all-year-round on a rolling admission schedule. The following start dates are available for your selected destination:

  • Jan 6th
  • Jan 20th
  • Feb 17th
  • Mar 16th
  • Apr 13th
  • May 11th
  • June 1st
  • June 22nd
  • June 29th
  • July 13th
  • Aug 3rd
  • Sept 21st
  • Oct 19th
  • Nov 16th
  • Dec 7th
  • Jan 11th
  • Feb 8th
  • Mar 8th
  • Apr 5th
  • May 3rd
  • Jun 7th
  • Jun 21st
  • July 5th
  • July 19th
  • Aug 2nd
  • Sept 13th
  • Oct 11th
  • Nov 8th
  • Dec 6th

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