Environmental Science & Sustainability Internships

International environmental and sustainability internships are perfect for talented professionals looking to make a difference in this competitive field. We work with leading environmental and sustainability organizations to place you in environmental science internships that will give you the experience needed to stand out in this rapidly growing sector.

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Sustainability internship experience


Our sustainability internships offer driven, talented professionals the chance to get involved in grassroots efforts to preserve our planet. Through this experience, you will connect with like-minded individuals from across the world while working towards the same initiative of making environmental sustainability a global priority.

Sustainability internships give you the connections and tools you need to really make a difference. Whether it’s through hands-on field experience, scientific research, or through NGO efforts, there are international sustainability internship opportunities for everyone. Previous interns have been placed in organizations with a focus in geology, geography, wildlife preservation, NGOs, environmental engineering, hospitality & tourism, eco-business and science.



Remote environmental science & sustainability internships

Have you considered completing a remote sustainability internship from the comfort of your own home? Our virtual internship program includes a remote environmental science internship to fit your schedule, best-in-class career advancement training and twelve-month access to exclusive, real-time keynote career talks from global business leaders. Learn more about our virtual internship program.


Researching eco-design, conservation, and energy efficiency ideas

In your capacity as an environmental and sustainability intern, you may be tasked with conducting research in areas such as eco-design, conservation strategies, and energy efficiency innovations. Your work will involve identifying and exploring new ideas and technologies to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Sorting recyclables and redistributing materials for resale and reuse

Your role may encompass hands-on responsibilities related to recycling and resource management. This could involve sorting recyclables, ensuring proper disposal methods, and redistributing materials for resale or reuse, which contributes to waste reduction and sustainable practices.

Analyzing new technologies to be used in green initiatives

As an intern, you might be involved in assessing and analyzing emerging technologies with potential applications in green initiatives. This could include evaluating renewable energy solutions, waste reduction systems, or energy-efficient technologies. Your insights and analysis will aid in the adoption of sustainable practices and the advancement of environmental initiatives.



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Join our 15,000+ global alumni

I had a really good experience with my internship and I was lucky enough to turn it into a full time role quite quickly. Straight away they got me to write stories, go to events, and get stuck in from day one which I was quite surprised and really stoked about.

Miriam Harris

Auckland University of Technology

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