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Our international social work internships provide you with the perfect opportunity to make an impact whilst acquiring new stills and kickstarting your career. Through this social science internship experience, you will make a difference in a vulnerable community.

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Social work internship experience


Social work internships abroad are perfect for people with backgrounds in International Relations, Psychology and Sociology, but are a great opportunity for anyone eager to connect with and positively impact a new community. Whilst completing an internship in social work, you will acquire the ability to work with people of different ages, ethnicities, education levels, and socioeconomic statuses.

We work with leading social work organizations, ranging from those that focus on access to healthcare and education, to those that help victims of war and domestic abuse. Previous interns have been placed in organizations focused on Community Development, Education, Healthcare & Sustainability, Social Services, Environmental Activism, International Relations, and Political & Economic Development.

This career field is available online & in our hubs of Dublin & Melbourne.



Remote social work internships

Have you considered completing a remote social work internship from the comfort of your own home? Our virtual internship program includes a remote social work internship to fit your schedule, best-in-class career advancement training and twelve-month access to exclusive, real-time keynote career talks from global business leaders. Learn more about our virtual internship program.


Community outreach, campaigning, surveying, and collecting demographic data

In your role as a social work intern, you may be actively engaged in community outreach and campaigning efforts. This could involve conducting surveys to gather demographic data, which is valuable for designing targeted interventions and better understanding community needs.

Marketing tasks such as blog writing, managing social media, and creating promotional materials

You might also be responsible for various marketing tasks, such as writing blogs, managing social media accounts, and creating promotional materials to raise awareness about social issues and community programs. Your work will help in educating and engaging the community.

Liaising between different parties to assist in event planning

Your responsibilities may include acting as a liaison between various parties involved in event planning. This could involve coordinating logistics, ensuring effective communication, and supporting the seamless execution of events related to social work and community development.

Finding resources for community development programs

As an intern, you may be tasked with identifying and securing resources for community development programs. This could involve researching funding opportunities, networking with potential partners, and helping to ensure that these programs have the resources needed to make a positive impact.

Working on projects related to homelessness, education, substance abuse, and mental healthcare

Your role may involve actively working on projects related to important social issues such as homelessness, education, substance abuse, and mental healthcare. This could include program development, client support, and research aimed at addressing and improving the conditions in these areas.



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I had a really good experience with my internship and I was lucky enough to turn it into a full time role quite quickly. Straight away they got me to write stories, go to events, and get stuck in from day one which I was quite surprised and really stoked about.

Miriam Harris

Auckland University of Technology

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