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We offer first-class international computer science & IT internships in companies of all sizes, from large multinational corporations to exciting start-ups. Technology dominates our daily lives and plays a pivotal role in the business world and an internship in IT will help you stand out in this competitive industry.

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IT and computer science internship experience


Our challenging and rewarding computer science and IT internships are ideal for talented individuals who wish to have a successful career in this exciting sector. From technology divisions of financial institutions to leading business incubators.

We have previously placed successful candidates in roles specializing in app and website development, cyber security, data science, machine learning, UX, software engineering and database design and management, online & in all of our program destinations. Gain a real competitive advantage and advance your career with our Computer Science & IT internships abroad.



Remote Computer Science & IT internships

Have you considered completing a remote IT internship from the comfort of your own home? Our virtual internship program includes a remote IT internship to fit your schedule, best-in-class career advancement training and twelve-month access to exclusive, real-time keynote career talks from global business leaders. Learn more about our virtual internship program.


Front and back-end web development using a variety of coding languages

In your role as an IT and computer science intern, you could engage in both front-end and back-end web development projects, utilizing a range of programming languages. This hands-on experience involves creating user interfaces, designing databases, and developing the server-side infrastructure to ensure responsive and feature-rich web applications.

Quality Assurance Testing to ensure that all bugs are found

You may find yourself responsible for the critical task of quality assurance testing, where you'll systematically test software and applications to identify and report bugs and defects. Your work would help ensure that the final product is reliable, stable, and user-friendly.

Working with robots to automate manual processes to eliminate room for human error

As part of your internship, you might be involved in automation projects using robots or robotic process automation (RPA) technology. Your role could involve identifying manual tasks that can be automated, configuring the robots, and monitoring their performance to eliminate human error, increase efficiency, and reduce repetitive workloads.

Data engineering, management, and analysis. Harness the 'gold' of the digital era

Your responsibilities may include working with data in various capacities, from data engineering to data management and analysis. This may involve designing databases, optimizing data storage and retrieval, and using data analysis tools to extract valuable insights. Your work in this area will help the organization make informed decisions and leverage the power of data in the digital age.


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Join our 15,000+ global alumni

I had a really good experience with my internship and I was lucky enough to turn it into a full time role quite quickly. Straight away they got me to write stories, go to events, and get stuck in from day one which I was quite surprised and really stoked about.

Miriam Harris

Auckland University of Technology

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