An important component of a successful internship abroad is a healthy and safe experience

For the welfare of its participants, and to ensure uniform coverage, The Intern Group has developed a travel insurance plan through Inter Hannover and Secutive. This travel insurance is available for all participants on The Intern Group Program – all nationalities are covered.

Secutive is a leader in providing comprehensive coverage for exchange programs around the globe. Their service network provides information about health care providers, emergency evacuation processes, and other services making this a valuable tool in our effort to provide the safest intern-abroad environment possible.

Please note that insurance is compulsory for all programs. If you do not have a current travel insurance plan in place, we strongly advise you to purchase this insurance coverage. Coverage must be maintained throughout the entire program duration. You may purchase coverage directly through this website.

The plan provides health and accident coverage, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains as well as political and security risk coverage

Plan overview

Benefit Type Limit - USD
Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses 5,000,000
Emergency Medical Assistance Unlimited
Medical Evacuation Expenses 50,000
Dental Expenses (Pain Relief) 500
Dental Expenses (Accidental Injury) 3,000
Permanent Total Disablement (Any occupation) 40,000
Luggage and Personal Effects (Includes Luggage Delay, Loss of Checked Luggage & Lost Documents/Money) 1,000
Personal Liability 1,000,000
Search and Rescue 25,000
Catastrophe covers 1,000
Legal Advice 25,000
Security Evacuation Expenses 25,000
Accidental Death 30,000
Repatriation of Remains or Burial 25,000
Emergency Reunion 5,000
Emergency Bail Bond 1,500
Travel Delay 350
Trip Interruption Up to 1 economy fare ticket


Optional Upgrades if additional premium paid:

Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation / KCF 100,000
Pre-Trip Cancellation 3,000


USD 0 Deductible/Excess for Medical and related claims
USD 100 Deductible/Excess in respect of Personal Liability

Please be advised, this policy does cover eligible medical expenses incurred due to COVID-19. If you contract COVID-19 after your policy’s effective date, eligible medical expenses will be covered like any other Illness. Please note that the Pre-Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits are excluded with respect to COVID-19. Routine and Preventive services, such as a COVID immunization and routine COVID screening/testing, are excluded as the policy excludes all routine and preventive services.


RATES- Travel/Medical Insurance Base Plan Per Day

Coverage Amount
Worldwide Cover Excluding USA and Canada: ages 18-30 USD 1.87
Worldwide Cover Excluding USA and Canada: ages 31-40 USD 2.13
Worldwide Cover Including USA and Canada: ages 18-30 USD 2.14
Worldwide Cover Including USA and Canada: ages 31-40 USD 2.44


Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation + Kidnap Consultancy Fees (PND+KCF) Upgrade $100,000

South America $0.27 per day
Rest of the world $0.10 per day




You can contact our provider directly for insurance related questions. Please start your email topic with “The Intern Group – Your policy issue/discussion topic

Contact for any assistance related to the enrollment – changing effective dates, needing an ID card or copy of policy, etc.
Tel: 609-785-3224

Contact for Emergency, assistance on where to go for treatment, and claims related.

Tel: 1 954 472 1895 (must be made from a landline and not a cell phone).

Tel: 1 877 839 5585 or 305.428.2838 (toll-free in US)

Or see contact information for claims on your insurance ID card.