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International PR & Marketing internships will give you hands-on experience in one of the most desirable career fields. We offer a wide variety of first-class marketing internships abroad, from traditional, offline corporate marketing to viral, online roles in marketing, communications, and PR.

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PR and marketing internship experience


Our international marketing internships program is designed to take you significantly closer to a successful marketing career. We partner with leading companies across the world, both online & in-person, providing them with talent for their marketing departments.

PR internships abroad support the aim of generating interest in an individual, cause, company, or product. The aim is to develop a positive image in the eyes of the consumer and media. The best way to establish yourself in this competitive area is through a public relations internship with a leading firm.

We also offer communications internships to ensure ambitious individuals enter this dynamic space equipped with the skills and connections needed to succeed. The communications industry continues to grow extremely quickly, transforming every corner of our world.

Over 25% of the applications that we receive are for our public relations & marketing internships, making this a competitive program.



Remote PR & marketing internships

Have you considered completing a remote PR internship or marketing internship from the comfort of your own home? Our virtual internship program includes a remote PR, marketing, or communications internship to fit your schedule, best-in-class career advancement training and twelve-month access to exclusive, real-time keynote career talks from global business leaders. Learn more about our virtual internship program.


Managing social media accounts and campaigns

As a PR and marketing intern, you may be tasked with overseeing and maintaining the organization's social media presence. Your responsibilities will include creating and executing social media campaigns, crafting engaging content, and interacting with the online community to build brand awareness and engage the target audience.

Editing the website, running the blog, and executing email campaigns

Your role may involve website management, which includes updating content, ensuring the blog is active and relevant, and executing email marketing campaigns to reach out to subscribers. These tasks contribute to a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Writing press releases and contacting media outlets to pitch stories

You could be responsible for crafting press releases and reaching out to media outlets to pitch stories about the organization. Your work will help secure media coverage and generate positive publicity, increasing the visibility and credibility of the brand.

Creating digital and print materials using design programs and coordinating logistics for event planning

As part of your internship, you may design various marketing materials, both in digital and print formats, using design software. Additionally, you may assist in coordinating logistics for event planning, ensuring that all elements come together seamlessly for successful marketing events.

Developing digital marketing campaigns alongside a diverse marketing team

Your role may involve collaborating with a diverse marketing team to develop and execute digital marketing campaigns. This collaborative effort will allow you to gain experience in campaign strategy, data analysis, and marketing execution, contributing to the overall success of marketing initiatives.



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Join our 15,000+ global alumni

I had a really good experience with my internship and I was lucky enough to turn it into a full time role quite quickly. Straight away they got me to write stories, go to events, and get stuck in from day one which I was quite surprised and really stoked about.

Miriam Harris

Auckland University of Technology

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