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Music Internships in Ireland

Internships in Music in Ireland will allow you to delve into multiple aspects of this fast-paced industry, from music production to event marketing. 

The most recent estimation of Ireland’s music industry valued it at a total of €703 million in annual revenue, including both direct and indirect contributions. In particular, Ireland boasts a strong live music scene with higher per-capita spending on live concerts than even the UK. 

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at music internships in Ireland may include:

  • Learning how to use music editing and mixing software

  • Assisting with the organization and management of music events

  • Setting up a recording studio

  • Attending meetings with artists, producers, and other stakeholders in the industry

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Typical roles for Dublin music internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our music interns in Ireland have taken on before:

  • Music Producer

    Interns who possess both creative and business talent will thrive in music production. A music producer manages the entire studio recording process, directing recording sessions, by providing clear, creative direction for artists and sound engineers, liaising between musicians and record labels as well as managing recording budgets.

  • Artist Manager

    An artist manager’s role is to promote a particular artist or band in the music industry. Internships in Music in Ireland provide interns with a great understanding of developing and marketing an artist’s/band’s brand. Interns will learn valuable skills such as strategizing, organizing, and negotiating, as well as being able to create and maintain strong relationships within the industry.

  • Music Teacher

    Music teachers can work in a variety of settings, from schools and universities to private tuition. Interns with a passion for passing on skills and knowledge will gain practical experience in various teaching methods. Depending on the context of the placement, interns may also learn about the business aspect of running private music tuition, whether as solo teachers or part of a dedicated music school.

  • Recording Engineer

    Also known as audio or sound engineers, recording engineers are skilled at recording and editing the sounds captured from an artist’s recording session. Interns in recording engineering may have the opportunity to assist with mixing and editing songs in recording studios, as well as assembling the audio equipment required for the recording.

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In the studio during a music internship in Ireland

The music industry

To be successful in the music industry, a passion for music is a must. No role within the music industry works in isolation, thus the ability to communicate well and build relationships is extremely important for longevity, in any music-related career. Whether you’re more business-minded, prefer the creative side of the industry, or are seeking a career that marries the two, if you have a love for music, the music sector could be for you. 


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Ireland has contributed some extremely talented artists to the global music charts over the years, including the likes of U2 and Enya, making it an excellent location to complete a music internship program. All of our interns are placed with top-tier organizations to ensure that you get the most out of your placement. Learn more about our internship program in Ireland here.


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