Meet our team

Our diverse team of talented individuals spans across five continents. We are unified by our purpose and four core values.

Our purpose: We inspire and encourage people to believe in and challenge themselves, discover their passion and realize their potential.

Our core values: People Focus, Teamwork, Continuous Learning and Global Leadership.

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David Lloyd
Leadership David Lloyd
Johanna Molina
Leadership, University Partnership Team Johanna Molina
Lee Carlin
Leadership, Corporate Partnership Team Lee Carlin
Vicky Blazevic
Leadership, Marketing Vicky Blazevic
Vincent Fitzsimmons
Leadership Vincent Fitzsimmons
Dolly Mahtani
Enrollment Management Dolly Mahtani
Lizzie Bowes
Enrollment Management Lizzie Bowes
Rodrigo Valenzuela Torrejón
Enrollment Management Rodrigo Valenzuela Torrejón
Priscilla Valdes Herrera
Enrollment Management Priscilla Valdes Herrera
Mpho Kolanisi
Enrollment Management Mpho Kolanisi
Garcia Kalemba
Enrollment Management Garcia Kalemba
Charlotte Brookes
Enrollment Management Charlotte Brookes
Natalia Gaete
Enrollment Management Natalia Gaete
Manami Shinto
Enrollment Management Manami Shinto
Natalia Poveda
Programs Natalia Poveda
Sau Yi Fung
Programs Sau Yi Fung
Valeria Mejia
Programs Valeria Mejia
Nadia Little
Programs Nadia Little
Laura de la Barrera
Programs Laura de la Barrera
Waranya (Tarn) Jearasakulpol
Programs Waranya (Tarn) Jearasakulpol
Jenmika Tah-ai
Programs Jenmika Tah-ai
Paul Lynskey
Programs Paul Lynskey
Brian Limbo
Programs Brian Limbo
Lalita Benavides
Programs Lalita Benavides
Catalina Echavarria
Programs Catalina Echavarria
Thomas Sherwen
Programs Thomas Sherwen
Pedro Lama
Programs Pedro Lama
Maria Isabel Galindo Jaramillo
Programs Maria Isabel Galindo Jaramillo
Rachel Hogan
Programs Rachel Hogan
Mariana Mejia Uribe
Programs Mariana Mejia Uribe
Yanin Dhisobha
Programs Yanin Dhisobha
Nidyanin (Jinnie) Ritruenglert
Programs Nidyanin (Jinnie) Ritruenglert
Samuel Mignoni
Corporate Partnership Team Samuel Mignoni
Yenny Montoya
Operations Yenny Montoya
Rebecca Lipkowitz
Operations Rebecca Lipkowitz
Rena Hanlon
Operations Rena Hanlon
Kalea Belso
Leadership, Operations Kalea Belso
Paulina León Alvidrez
University Partnership Team Paulina León Alvidrez
Martin Everard
University Partnership Team Martin Everard
Nicole Senchack
University Partnership Team Nicole Senchack
Lyle Henry Kleiss Acres
University Partnership Team Lyle Henry Kleiss Acres
William Mosdell
Technology William Mosdell
Pablo Sebastian Alvarez
Technology Pablo Sebastian Alvarez
Mati Barrionuevo
Technology Mati Barrionuevo
Mary Rodrigues Ascencao
Technology Mary Rodrigues Ascencao
Edkaryd (Edka) Jiménez
Technology Edkaryd (Edka) Jiménez
Melanie Konstandt
Marketing Melanie Konstandt
Valeria González
Marketing Valeria González
Catalina Rengifo Botero
Career Coaches Catalina Rengifo Botero
Erik Stettler
Career Coaches Erik Stettler
Marcais Frazier
Career Coaches Marcais Frazier
Nathan Lustig
Board of Directors Nathan Lustig
Dr Dino Willox (they/them)
Academic Advisory Board Dr Dino Willox (they/them)
Tynelle Stewart
Academic Advisory Board Tynelle Stewart
Gianluca Samsa
Academic Advisory Board Gianluca Samsa
Richard Russo
Academic Advisory Board Richard Russo
Kyle Rausch, EdD
Academic Advisory Board Kyle Rausch, EdD
Jason A. Kinnear
Academic Advisory Board Jason A. Kinnear
Farzana Karim-Haji
Academic Advisory Board Farzana Karim-Haji
Dr. William T. Hyndman III
Academic Advisory Board Dr. William T. Hyndman III
Laurie Jensen
Academic Advisory Board Laurie Jensen
Nikte Hernández
Programs Nikte Hernández
Juliette Acosta
Programs Juliette Acosta
Daniel Appleby
Corporate Partnership Team Daniel Appleby
Deb Candra
Programs Deb Candra
Emma Casal Georgiou
Programs Emma Casal Georgiou
Lauren Creighton
Programs Lauren Creighton
Sebastian Dagá
Corporate Partnership Team Sebastian Dagá
Tess De nevares
Operations Tess De nevares
Mora Goicoechea
Marketing Mora Goicoechea
Lauren Holland
Operations Lauren Holland
Hannah March
Marketing Hannah March
JC Pérez
Programs JC Pérez
Regina Rodriguez Tirado
Corporate Partnership Team Regina Rodriguez Tirado
Stephanie Sakuhuni
Enrollment Management Stephanie Sakuhuni
Alisha Savaira
Corporate Partnership Team Alisha Savaira
Alessia Spiga
Programs Alessia Spiga
Perth Sura-Amornkul
Programs Perth Sura-Amornkul
  Erica Viganò
Programs Erica Viganò
  Maxi von Chrismar
Programs Maxi von Chrismar


We don't have any team members that match your filtering criteria.