Academic Credit

Learn how you can receive academic credit through our international internship programs

academic credit

Here are the 5 steps for getting credit for your internship:


  • 1

    Talk to your academic supervisor

    Ask if you can earn credit for an internship placement, and how. If your school grants credit for internships, then ask for the list of requirements. For example, your university may have rules about the number of hours you must complete, the type of internship position, or about your internship host company.

    If your school or major will not grant credit directly, ask if you can transfer credit from another university. The Intern Group provides a transcript option through our partnership with Florida A&M University and you may be eligible to earn transfer credit. Again, you should ask your advisor for a list of requirements – for example, your university may regulate the number of credit hours, or may require a certain type of grade (letter or pass-fail.)


    For more information about this option, read the FAQ below, or ask your Admissions Consultant in step 2.

  • 2

    Complete your interview with The Intern Group

    All of our internship programs begin with an admissions interview. During your interview with The Intern Group, be sure to tell the Admissions Consultant that you will be doing the internship for credit.


    If you will be earning credit from your own school, then please tell us about any requirements your university has, as this may affect your program choice. Also, please send any relevant documents from your university to your interviewer after the call, so we can add them to your file.


    If you are interested in earning transfer credit, your Admissions Consultant can advise you about requirements and costs. You can also email us anytime at

  • 3

    Go back to your academic supervisor

    If you are accepted into The Intern Group’s program, go back to your academic supervisor.
    They will be able to tell you the next steps in the university’s procedure to formally apply for getting academic credit for your placement. At the same time, confirm your place in our internship program by paying your deposit.

  • 4

    Work with your Program Success Advisor

    Once you have confirmed your place in the program, our team will work with you to find the best match for you based on your career interests, past experience, and university requirements. Make sure you keep us updated on any requests or deadlines given by your university, and be sure to allow enough time if you need documents or information in order to fulfill the credit requirements.

  • 5

    Complete your internship

    During your internship program, take care to meet all of your university’s deadlines and requirements, as it may be difficult to complete any forgotten tasks once you are back home. Your academic supervisor may provide you with tools to record and reflect on your professional experience, but if not, we can provide you with example documents and resources.

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