Sightseeing during a business internship in Spain

Business Internships in Spain

Internships in Business in Spain are an exciting opportunity to get a foot in the door of European markets and learn from some of the world’s top professionals. As Western Europe’s second-largest country, Spain is a key player in the global business scene and is growing rapidly every year.

Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at business internships in Spain may include:

  • Managing social media accounts
  • Creating digital written content 
  • Conducting consumer behavior research
  • Assisting with event planning


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Typical roles for internships in business in Spain

Here are a few examples of roles that our business interns in Madrid have taken on before:

  • Social Media Management

    Creating content, managing publication calendars, launching on new platforms, and tracking social media reach are all important parts of many internships in Business in Spain. Of course, these are also incredibly valuable skills in the business world, as most of today’s top-performing companies, no matter their size or industry, use social media to their advantage.

  • Public Relations

    Interns who take on roles in public relations get to learn the ins and outs of how a company manages its reputation and builds its brand. They may be required to draft press releases and statements, and work with relevant media outlets and journalists to create awareness of events and launches.

  • Project Management

    Project management skills are very useful for those who want to pursue a career anywhere in the business world, from technology to entertainment. An internship is an excellent way to develop the organizational and leadership skills top project managers are known for. Interns may coordinate and track projects across teams, and draft reports and presentations.

  • Risk Analysis

    In order to rise to the top, companies of all shapes and sizes need to make informed decisions about when and how to spend their money. Risk management is a key part of how to do just that, and interns will have the chance to learn about collecting and analyzing market data, tracking competitor performance, and making informed business decisions.

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Watch the internship experience below from some of The Intern Group alumni to see what a business internship in Spain will be like for you.

interns during a meeting on their Madrid business internship

The business industry

The business world is diverse, vast and is becoming increasingly international. Those few professionals with global experience rise above the competition, as their unique perspective makes valuable additions to any team. Business internships in Spain offer the chance to hone key business skills while gaining hands-on experience in one of the country’s business hubs, such as Barcelona or Madrid. No matter the field of business you hope to enter, prior experience is key to future success. From finance and data to marketing, copywriting, and human resources, every area of the business world offers unique opportunities for professional growth, and the chance to network and create lifelong connections.

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Learn more about our internship program in Spain

Our Spanish business internship program places qualified applicants in one of the country’s most exciting destinations, including the seaside city of Barcelona and the bustling capital of Madrid. In addition to endless opportunities for travel and cultural immersion, interns take part in a wide variety of professional development events and programs. Learn more about our Spanish internship program here.


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