Film Internships in New York

New York has a booming film and television industry, one of the hotbeds of Hollywood, with production and investment on the rise. New York boasts some of the most iconic locations in the world, and those undertaking internships in Film in New York will be surrounded by talented actors, directors, writers, producers, and crew members of international acclaim, at every corner.

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Responsibilities at film internships in New York may include:

  • Learning about the process of producing a film
  • Shadowing and assisting various crew members, such as the set dresser, camera operators, and grips
  • Researching to aid scene authenticity, using props, costumes, or dialogue 
  • Assisting with editing videos and images

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Internships in Film in New York

Here are a few examples of roles that our TV and film interns have taken on before:

  • Film and Video Editor

    Responsible for editing and putting together the final product, editors typically find work in film or television, by way of freelancing or permanent employment in studios. Internships in Film in New York focusing on editing will allow interns to learn various editing software, enhancing their delivery of a seamless final product.

  • Director

    The director of a film controls the creative vision of the production, including making decisions around casting, set, and costume design, among others. Interns wishing to gain experience in a directorial role will need to demonstrate creativity and leadership, including the ability to project their vision, while managing business expectations from studios.

  • Producer

    Film producers are responsible for initiating and coordinating the project, including but not limited to sourcing investment, and selecting scriptwriters, directors, cast, and crew members. Interns in film production will be exposed to the entire process of filmmaking, being actively involved from pre-production to post-production.

  • Set Designer

    Interns looking for a more hands-on and artistic experience may find set design appealing, as it encompasses the planning and building of scenery, props, and furnishings of a film/television set. Set designers are required to gain an in-depth understanding of the film’s vision and script, to provide authentic surroundings to support the story.

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The film industry

If you have a passion for storytelling, can work well in a team, and conduct yourself in a highly organized manner, then a fast-paced career in the film industry could be for you. With a broad variety of roles in filmmaking, from writing to set design, lighting, and editing, it’s an attractive industry for a variety of skills and interests.

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One of the many homes of Hollywood cinema, New York will see our interns all placed in top-tier organizations, to ensure that they are surrounded by talented, inspirational leaders in filmmaking. Learn more about our New York internship program here.  


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