Working on a project during an NYC graphic design internship

Graphic Design Internships in New York

Internships in graphic design in New York are the perfect way to gain access to jobs in this highly competitive industry. They allow you to show off your design skills in many different sectors, including fashion and web design.

New York is the media capital of the world. With such a diverse array of opportunities on offer, New York really is the place to be when you’re looking for graphic design internships.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at graphic design internships in NYC may include:

  • Creating print and digital promotional material using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator

  • Setting up studios, adjusting lighting, and assisting with photoshoots or gallery expositions

  • Liaising between marketing teams, printers, vendors, and clients

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Taking a company call during a graphic design internship in New York

Typical roles for New York graphic design internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our graphic design interns in NYC have taken on before:

  • Graphic Design

    Graphics are highly influential, especially in advertising and on social media, because the human eye is far more drawn to pictures than to text. Graphic designers are needed to create attention-grabbing titles, logos, images, and website layouts in almost every industry you can think of. As a graphic design intern, you will be given the chance to shadow a graphic designer and may get to show off your creative skills on one of their current projects.

  • Fashion

    Graphic design is highly relatable to fashion, and as an artist, you will already have many of the skills prized in this industry. Some interns develop their graphic design skills by working on branding and marketing for fashion houses or retailers. Others work on larger canvases such as set and backdrop designs for runway shows and other industry events. Whatever their role, graphic design interns have the potential to go far in the fashion industry.


  • Communications

    If you have graphic design skills, you will be highly sought after in the communications industry. Graphic design interns often get to assist with all facets of the company’s communications strategy – including branding, advertising, and social media presence. Interns are asked to design ads for social media, web, and print releases, and may also work on multimedia promotional materials like videos and commercials.

  • UX Design

    User Experience (UX) Design is a relatively new but rapidly expanding field within the world of computing and graphic design. Interns in this sphere will get to learn more about how to make the user experience on websites smooth, easy, and engaging. This might involve running tests or contacting beta users to gather their feedback, and you could be allowed to pitch your ideas on how to make the site more accessible in design meetings.

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The graphic design industry

If you are creative, good at communicating and relationship building, and have a solid grasp of IT (especially design and photo-editing software), a job as a graphic designer would be the perfect fit for you. Internships in graphic design in New York are the perfect way to gain exposure to the industry and get some hands-on experience that will look great on your resume. With a wide range of opportunities in different industries, including fashion, marketing, and IT, New York is the best place to explore the furthest reaches of where a graphic design degree can take you. 


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New York is one of the best cities in the world for those who want to complete a graphic design internship. Our graphic design interns are placed with top-tier organizations, and our program is set up to give you the very best experience of city living. Learn more about our New York internship opportunities here.


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