Working on a project for a graphic design internship in Spain

Graphic Design Internships in Spain

Internships in Graphic Design in Spain offer a unique chance to build an impressive design portfolio and learn from the best in the business while gaining a global perspective in the field.

Graphic design is a competitive and constantly changing field, home to some of the world’s top creative and tech-savvy professionals.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at graphic design internships in Spain may include:

  • Conducting target audience research

  • Developing draft illustrations

  • Managing printing and distribution

  • Pitching concepts and designs

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Group of young colleagues socialising during an internship for graphic design students

Typical roles for Spain graphic design internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our graphic design interns in Madrid have taken on before:

  • Branding

    Graphic design teams and agencies are often a major component of any branding/rebranding efforts. Graphic designers use their creativity and technical know-how to help promote products, change a company’s public image, and more. Internships in graphic design in Spain are the perfect chance to gain experience designing logos and fonts, product illustrations, and everything in between.

  • Animation

    Some graphic designers branch out into animation, which is another exciting and extremely creative area of the field. Animation interns often work as part of a multi-functional team that may also include marketing experts, writers, and engineers. They gain experience working with a variety of software, using photos, and drawing storyboards.

  • Partnership Management

    Graphic design studios often partner with a wide variety of third-party organizations for things like printing and distribution, web design, and more. Interns gain a variety of project management and account management skills that are valuable in just about any industry, as well as insight into the logistical workings of the graphic design field.

  • Social Media

    Social media is an unavoidable presence in just about every industry, and graphic design is no exception. Interns may draft content for a variety of platforms and learn about best practices for engaging with audiences and scheduling posts. From logos and headers to branded videos and images, the opportunities for building a portfolio of social media content are truly endless.

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Sightseeing during a graphic design internship in Spain

The graphic design industry

The graphic design industry is a unique one, in part because success requires both an immense amount of creativity and an aptitude for technology. For those with a fountain of ideas and great attention to detail, graphic design internships in Spain are the perfect chance to learn about the industry and begin building a portfolio. Developing technical skills is particularly important – of course, professionals are constantly learning new technologies and perfecting their abilities, but landing your first full-time design role will require proficiency in at least a few programs. Once you’re comfortable using today’s top design software, the opportunities are endless. Graphic designers may find work in design agencies, marketing firms, and video game publishers.

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Spain’s rich culture and dynamic cities make it the perfect place for aspiring graphic designers from around the country and the world to complete a graphic design internship. Interns build portfolios, find mentorship, and make valuable professional connections. Learn more about our Spanish internship program here.


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