Architecture Internships in Bangkok

International architecture internships in Bangkok are an incredible opportunity to live abroad and be immersed in the vibrant and unique culture of Thailand, while gaining valuable hands on experience. 

As the most visited city in the world, Bangkok plays host to tourists, expats and business professionals from every corner of the globe. It is an incredible place to network with industry experts, find inspiration, diversify your skillset, and launch your career in the architecture industry. Apply to an architecture internship in Thailand today.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at architecture internships in Bangkok may include:

  • Researching relevant topics and case studies, preparing presentations
  • Shadowing surveyors and lead architects, attending site visits
  • Collaborating on projects with designers, consultants, urban planners and contractors
  • Creating drafts, outlines and 3D models, depending on technical skill level


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Architecture intern in Thailand

Typical roles for Bangkok architecture internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our architecture interns in Thailand have taken on before:

  • Designer

    From designing the interior to adapting the exterior of a new build, you will get the opportunity to hone your design skills during the internship. You will learn how to use essential software while actively building your portfolio, working on a range of residential and commercial designs alongside reputable, experienced architects in the industry.

  • Planner

    Working with clients to create structured plans for a project’s processes is integral. You will assist the architect during any given project – including developments – conducting the necessary research, communicating with construction workers and clients, and ensuring the consistent delivery of progress reports for the respective projects. All while shadowing your designated architect (mentor) from beginning to end.

  • Site Inspector

    Conducting site visits will be crucial, not only to your role as an intern but to your development. Site visits include site inspections, safety and compliance assessments, and so on, timeously delivering your findings to the experienced members of the team.

  • Landscape Assistant

    The placement and structure of landscaped areas, such as gardens and walkways, require a lot of research and planning, especially with regard to environmentally friendly practices. As an assistant, you will be shadowing the landscape architect, conducting research on the required materials, as well as assisting in determining the location, look and feel of different aspects of the design.

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Watch the internship experience below from some of The Intern Group alumni to see what an architecture internship will be like for you.

Colleagues working on a project during an architecture internship in Bangkok

The architecture industry

If you are driven by great design, innovation, and the psychology of how people live in a space, then Internships in Architecture in Thailand can offer you the chance to get hands-on experience while living in this beautiful country. With a wide range of opportunities, this internship will enable you to gain valuable experience, to help you move forward in your career.


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Our architecture internship program in Bangkok offers both comprehensive professional development and cultural immersion. The chance to work in the architecture industry in a city like Bangkok is truly unique. There's no better way to get your foot in the door of an expanding industry. Learn from inspiring architects who will encourage you to think differently, and create astutely. Our interns are all placed with top-tier organizations, allowing you to learn from the best. Learn more about our internship programs in Thailand here.


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