Cityscape of Medellin as seen on a photography internship in Colombia

Photography, Design, & Art Internships in Colombia

International art internships in Colombia are an opportunity to find mentorship and inspiration while experiencing the international creative industry.

The unique perspective and skillset developed while living abroad stand out on any CV, and prepare young professionals for success both at home and internationally.

Medellin, Colombia is one of Latin America’s most entrepreneurial and innovative cities, home  to business professionals and creatives from every corner of the globe.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at art internships in Colombia may include:

  • Digital design for online and print materials, using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

  • Assisting with studio setup including lighting adjustment and preparing for photoshoots or gallery expositions

  • Liaising between marketing teams, printers, vendors and clients

  • Designing email campaigns and social media content

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Intern on an art internship in Colombia

Typical roles for Colombia art internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our art interns in Medellín have taken on before:

  • Art Sales

    From finding buyers to liaising with curators, this role requires great communication skills. Sourcing artwork that you feel has great sale potential, negotiating contracts, and building good relationships with artists is necessary for meeting crucial sales targets. The opportunities to learn are endless, and the experience priceless.

  • Art Teacher

    Educating people about art, its history, and its influence on social, political, and economic culture, is essential to society. Interns will have the opportunity to shadow art educators and learn about art, often through research.

  • Designer

    Art designers craft artworks for print, web, social media, ad agencies, and publishers, using software such as the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator). Interns will have the opportunity to sharpen their software skills, explore their creativity and gain experience working on real-life projects.

  • Art Valuer

    An art valuer is involved in assessing the monetary value of a particular artwork. This information can then be used by auction houses, insurance companies, or art dealers, to accurately insure or sell the item. In some cases, an art valuer may also hold the position of an auctioneer, thus allowing interns to directly participate in the auctioning of artwork.


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Young professionals on an internship for art students in Colombia

The art industry

Needless to say, to work in the art industry of any country, an appreciation for the arts is a necessity. The opportunities available within the arts industry are so varied, that someone with any skill set may be able to find a suitable position within this sector, whether it be as an artist, a curator, an art technician, or an art historian.

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Driven young professionals eager to make their resume stand out in an emerging market should look no further than Medellin for an international art internship. Colombia is leading the pack in innovation, technology, and business, making it an obvious choice for an intern. Learn more about our Colombia internship program here.


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