Socialising on an engineering internship in Colombia

Engineering Internships in Colombia

International engineering internships in Colombia are the perfect way to launch an international career, and apply your academic background in a professional setting.

Colombia is one of the fastest growing economies in South America, and is known as a regional hub for innovation and industry.

Medellín is the industrial heart of Colombia, and is home to the country’s most innovative and successful companies.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at engineering internships in Colombia may include:

  • Chemical: Conducting laboratory research and testing samples

  • Mechanical: Assisting in the assembly of machinery and different products

  • Electrical: Analyzing cost-effective heating and cooling systems through data analysis

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Woman working on an engineering project during an engineering internship in Colombia

Typical roles for Colombia engineering internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our engineering interns in Colombia have taken on before:

  • Chemical Engineer

    Chemical engineers are responsible for creating so many everyday products – just like the computer screen you’re reading this post on. Chemical engineering interns are likely to be involved in conducting laboratory research and testing compounds. At the same time, they will be interacting with experienced engineers, allowing them to grow their professional network, ready for when they have finished their studies. 

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical engineering is the most diverse branch of engineering. Interns in this field have been placed with organizations in the manufacturing, power, construction, and healthcare industries. Regardless of the company, as a mechanical engineering intern, you will find yourself assisting with the assembly of machinery and different products.

  • Electrical Engineer

    Technical skills and an analytical way of thinking are essential attributes for electrical engineers, who are responsible for planning, building, and maintaining electrical systems and products. Electrical engineering interns will carry out investigations into things like cost-effective heating and cooling systems, analyzing extant data and contributing their findings to reports.

  • Civil Engineer

    Civil engineers are responsible for shaping the world as we see it today. They design, build and look after roads, tunnels, bridges, buildings, and more. A civil engineering internship will give you an insight into every stage of this process, including what it’s like to work on an active construction site. The kinds of tasks you can expect to complete as a civil engineering intern are preparing documents, including site maps and plans; sampling and testing of materials; and surveying site topography.

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Working during an engineering internship in COlombia

The engineering industry

If you have mathematical, communication, and critical thinking skills, as well as an interest in tech and how it’s advancing, you will be in high demand in the engineering industry. Internships in engineering in Medellin are the perfect way to gain hands-on experience in your chosen branch of engineering and boost your resume. With chemical, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering placements available, Medellin is the best place to apply for your internship, regardless of your specialty.

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Medellin is currently experiencing a technological and industrial boom, making it the ideal place to complete an engineering internship. Our engineering interns are placed with top-tier organizations, and our program includes everything you need to get to this incredible city. Learn more about our Medellin internship opportunities here.


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