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Environmental Science and Sustainability  Internships in Hong Kong

For those looking to gain an international perspective on one of todays’ most pressing issues, environmental science internships abroad in Hong Kong are the perfect opportunity.

As an incredibly innovative city, Hong Kong is home to many of the top-tier corporations and nonprofit organizations at the forefront of the sustainability discussion in Asia and around the world.

There are endless opportunities- from tech startups developing the next sustainable product to international NGOs with global vision.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at environmental science internships in Hong Kong may include:

  • Researching sustainable design, conservation and energy projects

  • Drafting proposals, papers and presentations 

  • Analyzing and testing new green technologies and products

  • Identifying funding opportunities and potential partners

  • Assisting with marketing, outreach and community engagement

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Typical roles for environmental internships in Hong Kong

Here are a few examples of roles that our environmental science interns in Hong Kong have taken on before:

  • Environmental Policy

    Environmental policy in the world’s leading economies is one of the most important roles aspiring scientists can take on today. Interns gain experience in advocacy work and the politics behind protecting the environment, honing public relations and communications skills. Success in these roles also requires a strong understanding of diverse scientific concepts, as well as what goes into creating and changing laws.

  • Research

    Research is one of the most foundational elements of internships in environmental science in Melbourne. Depending on the company or organization an intern is placed with, they may take on tasks including data analysis, case study and white paper review, and competitive analysis. Research experience is key for success in the scientific community, and ensures that young scientists have a strong base when it comes to environmental best practices and emerging technologies.

  • Fundraising

    Whether you’re placed with a biotech startup focused on new ways of creating clean energy, or an environmental nonprofit, fundraising is what helps keep the lights on. Of course, fundraising efforts are also a great way to raise awareness and reach an expanded audience. Interns may help design and manage fundraising efforts, apply for private and federal funding, and learn budget-writing best practices.

  • Copywriting

    Just as in any other field, writing skills are both necessary and valuable for scientists. An internship is the perfect opportunity to hone your scientific writing skills and learn how to write accurate and accessible information about the environmental field. Interns take on roles of drafting reports and newsletters, ghostwriting articles, writing press releases, and even research papers.

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Dressed smart for a sustainability internship in Hong Kong

The environmental science industry

Having a passion for environmental conservation, the ability to function well in a team, and proficiency in statistics will allow you to thrive in our internships in Environmental Science in Hong Kong, while you expand your knowledge of the industry. Whether you want to gain experience working for an environmental consultancy, a charity, or a conservation organization, this internship will give you hands-on experience in helping to secure a safer and greener future.

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Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading commercial centers and a powerhouse in Asia: the hub connecting the continent with the world, making it the ideal setting for an environmental science & sustainability internship. From working in professional laboratories to carrying out field research in the beautiful landscape of Hong Kong, you can broaden your knowledge in environmental science and sustainability at an international level. Learn more about our Hong Kong internship program here.

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