Nighttime cityscape as seen during an international foreign language internship in Hong Kong

Foreign Language Internships in Hong Kong

International foreign language internships in Hong Kong are an incredible opportunity for young professionals to immerse themselves in the heart of the Chinese business world while honing their language skills in a professional setting.

The ability to speak multiple languages is incredibly valuable in today’s globalized marketplace. While all language skills are important, there is no language in the world that has more native speakers than Chinese, making a truly key skill in many industries.

The language is set to become even more influential in the near future, as the Chinese economy is on course to become the largest in the world.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at foreign language internships in Hong Kong may include:

  • Transcribing articles, case studies and other written content

  • Attending events, taking notes, providing assistance to translators

  • Editing written materials and content

  • Assisting with content creation and client-facing written content

  • Checking computer-translated documents for accuracy

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Dressed in business clothes for a foreign language internship in Hong Kong

Typical roles for Hong Kong foreign language internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our translation interns in Hong Kong have taken on before:

  • Translator

    Translators could be considered scientists as much as artists, as it is an incredibly complex task. To become a good translator, you should already possess some of the most critical skills for this role, such as complete fluency in your chosen languages, and a very high level of written and verbal communication skills.

  • Translation Reviewer

    The main responsibility of a translation reviewer is to double-check translations before they are delivered to a client. Translation reviewers ensure the quality, style, consistency, and tone of the translations is appropriate, and they have the final approval of the translation.

  • Translation Editor

    As a translation editor, you will be responsible for editing any typographical errors throughout a text. This role is perfect for those who have excellent attention to detail and expert knowledge of subject matters, as this enhances the quality of the translation.

  • Translation Consultant

    Translation consultants are also known in the industry as translation professionals. If you want to put your linguistic skills to the test, you should opt for this role. You will consult translators to ensure that the translation means the same as the original text.

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Exploring Hong Kong during an international foreign language internship in China

The translation industry

If you have excellent language skills, enjoy communicating with others and have a high level of attention to detail, then Internships in Translation will enable you to further your career in the industry. With an opportunity to specialize in health, education, or law, our internship will provide linguists with plenty of  experience, along with vast networking possibilities to set you apart from others. 


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A translation internship in Hong Kong offers you an opportunity to put your language skills to the test on an international level. Enhance your knowledge of a foreign language, work with global brands and build meaningful relationships. Whichever area of translation you wish to specialize in, you can hone your skill set on this internship, as all of our interns are placed with top-tier organizations. Learn more about our Hong Kong internship program here.


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