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Marketing Internships in the UK

Marketing internships in the UK are unique, competitive placements that offer valuable hands-on professional experience and immersion in one of Europe’s top economies.

The UK's thriving marketing industry is home to both industry powerhouses and a multitude of start-ups, making it the ideal location for students to complete a marketing internship. Apply for a UK marketing internship today.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at marketing internships in the United Kingdom may include:

  • Managing social media platforms and growing audience
  • Drafting blog posts, articles, and newsletters
  • Designing promotional materials including ads outreach
  • Writing press statements and interacting with journalists

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Young professionals socialising at work during a UK marketing internship

Typical roles for UK marketing internships

The United Kingdom is a financial and cultural hub, and home to many of the world’s most dynamic global cities. If you want to travel around Europe while getting a foot in the door, internships in marketing in the United Kingdom are the perfect chance to do so.

Of course, the marketing field is extremely competitive and constantly changing. Top marketing professionals are always learning – from changing search algorithms to new social media platforms. Professional experience is absolutely key when it comes to finding a full-time job in the future. In addition to developing key technical skills, interns begin to build an essential network within the world of marketing.

Here are a few examples of roles that our marketing interns have taken on before:

  • Blog management

    Many organizations across a wide range of industries rely on a blog to reach their partners and customers. Marketing interns gain experience creating and managing an editorial calendar, conducting research, and writing blog posts. Corporate blogs are often used to convey company culture, recruit new talent, and even advertise new products. Writing and search engine management skills are essential in the field of marketing. Blog management is an incredibly valuable experience that has wide applications around the career field.

  • Social media

    In today’s increasingly online world, social media management is one of the most valuable skillsets a young professional can possess. Most major organizations, both corporate and nonprofit, rely on various social media platforms to reach new audiences. Instagram ads and TikTok videos can have an incredibly wide reach, and even major news outlets are using them to great effect. In many cases, interns are the ones who get their organization’s accounts off the ground.

  • Social media

    Social media skills are becoming increasingly important in the business world with each passing year. From Instagram ads to LinkedIn posts, the opportunities for a business to make its presence known online are endless. Interns are likely to gain experience in content creation, calendar management, and advertising.

  • Event coordination

    Both live and online events can be incredibly effective marketing tools. Event management interns assist with planning and executing events from start to finish. That often includes selecting venues or determining whether an online event is more logical. For many industries, major events are annual occurrences and dictate the direction of the field for the following year. As an intern, events are the perfect opportunity to network and develop a strong understanding of the industry.

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The marketing industry

Marketing is one of the most popular degrees and career fields for students and young professionals around the world. Marketing skills are needed in every organization, industry, and country. Global marketing firms and boutique branding agencies alike are in high demand. That being said, gaining entry to this competitive field can be challenging. Successful marketing professionals possess essential skills ranging from social media to branding, and are able to adjust along with the ever-changing industry.


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There are many opportunities for marketing internships in the UK, from agencies and startups to SMEs and multinational corporations. Our United Kingdom internship program is competitive and comprehensive. Accepted applicants have access to everything they need to settle in and complete successful internships in Europe’s most exciting cities. Learn more about our European internship destinations here.


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