Working on a public relations internship in Madrid

PR Internships in Spain

Internships in PR in Spain are a unique opportunity to gain experience in a dynamic and challenging industry.

Spain’s stunning cities make for the perfect destinations for networking, finding mentorship, and developing a global perspective on the field of public relations.

Those interested in breaking into this competitive PR industry should look no further than internships in public relations in Madrid. Get started on your public relations career today by applying to our international internship program.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at PR internships in Spain may include:

  • Writing press releases and statements
  • Coordinating media appearances
  • Filtering partnership inquiries
  • Managing social media accounts

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Exploring the city during a public relations internship in Madrid

Typical roles for PR internships in Madrid

Here are a few examples of roles that our PR interns in Spain have taken on before:

  • Event Planning

    Many internships in PR in Spain offer the chance to experience promotional events and the planning that goes into them. Whether at PR agencies or part of internal branding teams, interns get a glimpse into the true impact of events, both virtual and traditional. Interns may help create promotional materials, book venues, and identify potential audiences.

  • Partnerships

    Developing useful partnerships is often a key part of a company’s public relations strategy. Interns learn about identifying potential partners and sorting through partnership requests, on social media and online, as well as in a traditional context. They may help strategize giveaways and outreach campaigns, and manage existing corporate partnerships.

  • Social Media

    Social media interns have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in digital PR strategy. They may draft content and update publication calendars, track the reach and impact of particular posts, and even manage partnerships with influencers and others through various platforms.

  • Copywriting

    Ghostwriting and content writing are foundational tasks for PR professionals, both in-house and at agencies. Interns may draft press releases, media statements, inquiry responses, web content, social media posts, and much more. They may also take part in developing a content strategy, determining how best to reach a particular audience.

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Group of young professionals on a PR internship for PR students in Spain

The PR industry

Public relations professionals are in high demand in every industry around the world. Organizations ranging from environmental NGOs to multinational entertainment companies rely on PR experts to develop and maintain a public image and brand, and to keep their audiences and customers engaged. Globally, the PR industry is worth billions of dollars and is home to some of the world’s top strategists and communications professionals. PR internships in Spain offer the chance to be immersed in one of the country’s business hubs, including Madrid or Barcelona. Professional placements are the best way to gain hands-on experience, and living in Spain is the perfect way to develop a global perspective on the field while building a network of key connections.


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Our PR internship program in Spain gives you the opportunity to live and work like locals in one of the country’s most exciting cities. With the assistance of our local team, interns settle in quickly and get to take full advantage of all that Spain has to offer. Learn more about our Spanish internship program here.


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