Exploring during a PR internship in Tokyo

PR Internships in Tokyo

For those looking to break into international public relations or to work with global brands, Tokyo PR internships are an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and ability to work in a multicultural setting.

When it comes to public relations, Tokyo’s prominent position on the world stage makes it a great place to experience the fast-paced and high stakes of the PR world. It’s also a unique destination for PR professionals, with unique challenges to overcome.

Newspaper circulation is still extremely high in Japan, as are audience numbers for local television. For those reasons and more, Japan is considered one of the most difficult markets to break into for overseas brands. Get your foot in the door with a Tokyo PR internship.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at Tokyo PR internships may include:

  • Drafting press releases and pitching stories to media outlets
  • Creating and scheduling social media calendars and posts
  • Assisting with  live and virtual event  planning and coordination
  • Writing blog posts, newsletters, and email campaigns
  • Developing and maintaining press connections
  • Attending strategy planning sessions and client meetings

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Cityscape of Tokyo as seen on a PR internship in Japan

Typical roles for PR internships in Tokyo

Here are a few examples of roles that our PR interns have taken on before:

  • Influencer Partnerships

    Influencer marketing is a billion dollar global industry, and is a huge part of most marketing and public relations campaigns today. PR interns may help identify and manage potential influencer partners on platforms including Tik Tok, Instagram, and others. These roles focus on maintaining strategic partnerships to promote a particular brand or event, and are an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience in the social media world.

  • Event Planning

    Depending on the client, event planning and coordination can be a major part of public relations campaigns, including for retail clients, tech companies, and emerging brands. Event planning interns may get to assist in planning both virtual and live events. THis may include identifying and booking venues, ensuring the right technology is in place for remote attendees, and creating promotional content for the event, among other tasks.

  • Copywriting

    Clear, compelling writing is key for successful public relations campaigns. Copywriting interns have the opportunity to begin building a professional portfolio of their written work, which may include blog posts, press releases, articles, social media content, and even speeches and presentations. These types of clips will be essential down the line when you’re looking for a full-time role in public relations, whether in Tokyo or beyond!

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Watch the internship experience below from some of The Intern Group alumni to see what a PR internship will be like for you.

Students on a public relations internship in Tokyo

The PR industry

It’s never a bad time to go into public relations. If you have excellent communication skills, are creative and curious, and work well on a team, then PR may be the perfect career for you. In 2020, the global public relations industry was worth nearly $90 billion dollars. And that number is on the rise. By 2025 the industry is projected to be worth nearly $130 billion dollars. As the way we consume media and entertainment changes, so does the public relations industry. Today, PR professionals often work with social media influencers, strategize Tik Tok trends, or plan virtual launch events with attendees from around the globe. PR is a fast-paced and ever-changing career field, perfect for storytellers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers. 

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Our PR internship program in Tokyo gives you the opportunity to live and work like locals. There’s truly no place in the world like Tokyo. The city blends ancient Japanese culture with the hyper-modernity of an economic giant. It has something new to offer at every turn, and those who get to experience living and working in this metropolis are drawn back over and over again. Learn more about our Tokyo internship opportunities here.


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