Sightseeing in Madrid during a Spain social work internship

Social Work Internships in Madrid

International social work internships in Madrid allow young professionals to develop an entirely new perspective, on both the issues facing communities and the ways in which different organizations and governments work to combat them.

As one of Europe’s most prominent and international capital cities, Madrid is the perfect setting for those looking to learn about the social issues facing the region today.

Interns gain hands-on experience and a broad understanding of international organizations, while engaging with communities and putting their skills to the test.

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Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at social work internships in Madrid may include:

  • Preparing for campaigns, fundraising and community outreach events etc.

  • Managing social media accounts and creating promotional materials

  • Assisting with general marketing tasks including blog writing

  • Researching, analyzing data and preparing reports and presentations 

  • Liaising with internal and external partners to plan and execute events

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Two co-workers chatting during a social work internship in Madrid

Typical roles for Madrid social work internships

Here are a few examples of roles that our social work interns in Spain have taken on before:

  • Community Outreach

    Interns focusing on community outreach get to take part in planning and implementing projects geared at connecting people throughout a community. This usually involves planning events, cultivating relationships with key stakeholders, setting fundraising goals, and managing volunteers.

  • Event Management

    Many internships in Social Work in Ireland offer the chance to plan and manage outreach events. Interns may help recruit and organize volunteers, set fundraising and audience goals, decide on event themes, and handle bookings. For many socially-focused organizations, annual events are an important part of how they raise funds and reach their target communities.

  • Community Development

    Community development is one of the key roles for many social work organizations, as it focuses on promoting economic opportunities and equality for community members and empowering communities. Interns often take on communications tasks, as well as fundraising and event planning.

  • Social Media

    Social media management skills are incredibly valuable in many industries today, including in the field of social work. Interns often take over their organization’s various social platforms, create publication calendars, draft content, and track reach and engagement.


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Group of young professionals on a social work internship in Spain

The social work industry

Social work is a demanding yet incredibly impactful industry that offers the perfect career fields for those looking to make an impact in their daily work. Social workers can be found in a wide variety of settings, ranging from schools and government agencies to health clinics, hospitals, and more. They also come from all types of academic backgrounds, including sociology and psychology, communications, and even law and policy.


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Learn more about our social work internships in Madrid

Madrid is a unique and exciting place for interns and students from around Europe and the world to gain professional experience and complete a social work internship. Our local team in Spain ensures that interns are fully immersed in the city, and take advantage of the growth opportunities on offer. Learn more about our Madrid  internship program here.


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